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100 Pcs/lot Stamp Shape Seal Sticker Lable Christmas Gift Decor Stickers Bakery Cookie Packaging Bag Paper Seal Labels

Approximate price: 1.35 USD

New Cherry blossoms festival Mini Paper Sticker Decoration Diy Ablum Diary Scrapbooking Label Sticker Kawaii Stationery

Approximate price: 0.79 USD

45pcs/box New Forest Animals Mini Paper Sticker Decoration DIY Album Diary Scrapbooking Label Sticker Kawaii Stationery

Approximate price: 0.88 USD

18pcs DIY TN Handbook Diary Album Notebook Diy Decorative Paper Tree Sticker Spring Forest journal stickers/ stationery sticker

Approximate price: 1.85 USD

EZONE 45pcs/set Cats Animals Sticker Cute Kawaii Cartoon Stickers Diary Sticky Paper Scrapbook Decor Stationery Children Sticker

Approximate price: 0.98 USD

45pc/pack Vintage Kraft paper junk journal/Fallen leaves/Retro vellum objects old Decorative Sticker DIY planner Sticker Escolar

Approximate price: 1.37 USD

45 PCS/box Whale Stickers Fantasy Blue Ocean World Decorative Adhesive Stickers Decorations Scrapbooking Diary Albums Journal

Approximate price: 0.80 USD

45pcs/lbox Have a drink paper sticker decoration stickers DIY Notebook Ablum diary scrapbooking label sticker stationery

Approximate price: 0.92 USD

1 Pack New Cute Cartoon Expression Animal Sticker Children Stationery For DIY Albums Scrapbooking Diary Decoration Depicting

Approximate price: 0.58 USD

40PCS New Cute Christmas Series Party Home Children Stationery For DIY Albums Scrapbooking Diary Decoration Depicting Stickers

Approximate price: 1.17 USD

42pcs Creative Cute Self-made Pikachu scrapbooking childbaby Cartoon fairy Paper stickers / Waterproof stationery diy stickers

Approximate price: 2.79 USD

50PCS/box New Cute Pet Market Diary Paper Lable Sealing Stickers Crafts Scrapbooking Decorative Lifelog DIY Stationery

Approximate price: 0.76 USD

70pcs different styles Mini Cute Kawaii Cartoon photo decoration Post It Note Paper Stickers Korean Stationery

Approximate price: 0.56 USD

One Person Travel Decorative Stickers Adhesive Stickers DIY Diary Stationery Stickers school supplies Children Gift

Approximate price: 0.90 USD

11 Stars 1 moon Hot Stars Moon Sun Glow In The Dark Luminous Fluorescent Home Stationery Stickers Decal Home Bedroom Decoration

Approximate price: 0.52 USD

33pcs Watercolor Blooming girl sticker Diary Notebook Planner / Handbook DIY letter thin Paper Flower Sticker

Approximate price: 2.35 USD

20packs/lot Nature Leaves Set Paper Adhesive Sticker Bookmark Decorative Scrapbook Label Stationery Sticky Wholesale

Approximate price: 13.79 USD

45 Pcs/Set Colourful Leaves Flowers Series Mini Paper Sticker DIY Diary Scrapbooking Stickers Christmas Decoration

Approximate price: 1.39 USD

6 Sheets /Pack Fresh Flamingos & Cute Animals Washi Paper Adhesive Decorative Stickers Stick Label Decoration

Approximate price: 1.08 USD

120pcs/lot cute flamingo round thank you series seal sticker DIY note gift package labels for baking product

Approximate price: 1.56 USD

70pcs/pack Watercolor Ocean Animals Label Stickers Set Decorative Stationery Stickers Scrapbooking DIY Diary Album Stick Lable

Approximate price: 0.78 USD

45 pcs/pack Blooming Flower Decorative Stickers Adhesive Stickers DIY Decoration Craft Scrapbooking Stickers Gift Stationery

Approximate price: 1.08 USD

1 PC Cute Cartoon Stationery Stickers Transparent Lazy Egg PVC Kawaii Planner Stickers Sticky Notes Papelaria

Approximate price: 0.37 USD

New Desk Weekly Daily Planner Cartoon Sticky Notes Stickers Paper Korean Stationery To Do List Office Supplies

Approximate price: 1.52 USD

45 Pcs/box moon style Mini Paper Decoration DIY Scrapbook Notebook Album seal Sticker Stationery Kawaii Girl Sticker

Approximate price: 0.87 USD

1pc Gold Silver Number Decorative Stickers Scrapbooking Diary Diy Label Calendar Sticker Stationery School Supplies

Approximate price: 0.66 USD

46 Pcs/box Vintage animal stamp mini paper sticker decoration DIY diary scrapbooking seal sticker kawaii stationery

Approximate price: 0.74 USD

100pcs/lot Gift seal stickers Handmade for love Thank you sticker Stationery Packing label Office zakka supplies (dd-1423)

Approximate price: 0.99 USD

Hand made With LOVE Scrapbooking Kraft Paper Labels Envelopes Stickers and Gift Packaging Seal Seals Sticker 1 Lot =100 Pcs

Approximate price: 1.58 USD

45 pcs Portraits of famous people paper sticker decoration DIY diary scrapbooking sticker children's favorite stationery gifts

Approximate price: 0.79 USD

10Sheets 150Pcs Pink Medal Hand Made Flower Sealing Label Kraft Sticker Baking DIY Work Cake Gift Box Stickers M1033

Approximate price: 1.74 USD

Cute Doraemon Flower Retro posters Mini Paper Sticker Decoration Diy Ablum Diary Scrapbooking Label Sticker Kawaii Stationery

Approximate price: 0.73 USD

6pcs/Set Cute Green Cactus Plant Planner Stickers Scrapbooking Kawaii DIY Decoration Stick Label Sticker Journal Stickers

Approximate price: 0.93 USD

45pcs/pack Yummy Foreign Food Decorative Stationery Stickers Scrapbooking DIY Diary Album Stick Label

Approximate price: 0.95 USD

13x38mm 12 Sheets/pack Paper Self Adhesive Sticky White Label Writable Name Stickers Blank Note Label Bar DIY Notebook

Approximate price: 0.99 USD

10pcs Different 3D Cute Anime Stationery Sticker On Notebook Phone Laptop Butterfly Love Heart Office School Supplies

Approximate price: 1.96 USD

70PCS/sets Kawaii Watercolor Paper Sticker Creative Romantic Love Gift Diary Decor Scrapbooking Stationery Stickers Gift

Approximate price: 0.33 USD

8Pcs/Lot Multicolor gradient adhesive paper sticker decorative DIY scrapbooking planner sticker post planner decor stationery

Approximate price: 1.27 USD

Vintage Airplane Stamps Paper Environmental Stickers Decorative DIY Travel Notebook Planner Sticker Scrapbooking

Approximate price: 1.24 USD

6 PCS Cartoon PVC Cats Sticker Cute Diary Transparent Scrapbooking Calendar Decor Stationery Sticker

Approximate price: 0.31 USD

120PCS "Thank you" Heart Round eco-friendly Kraft Stationery label seal sticker Students' DIY Retro label For handmade products

Approximate price: 1.18 USD

120PCS/Lot Vintage Flower Round Wave Kraft paper'handmade for you'seal Sticker for Handmade Products/DIY Gift package label

Approximate price: 1.32 USD

60pcs/pack Cherry Blossoms Coconut Diary Stickers Writing Schedule Stationery Scrapbooking Diy Album Journal Decoration Stick

Approximate price: 2.49 USD

28pcs Red Valentine's Day cute Rose Bicycle flower Decorative Stickers DIY Scrapbooking Fridge Luggage Skateboard Laptop Escolar

Approximate price: 3.60 USD

45 Pcs/Box Color plant Leaves mini decoration paper sticker decoration DIY album diary scrapbooking label sticker

Approximate price: 0.78 USD

45pcs/box Chubby Cats Stickers Cute Animals Decorative Adhesive Stationery Stickers Decorations Scrapbooking School Supplies

Approximate price: 0.63 USD

45pcs/box Geometry Stickers Cartoon Numbers Decorative Adhesive Paper Stickers Girls Decorations Scrapbooking Diary Diy Albums

Approximate price: 0.87 USD

Lovedoki Summer Foil Gold Sticker Alphabet Words Date Notebook Decorative Stickers Planner Accessories Scrapbook Diy Stationery

Approximate price: 4.64 USD

40pcs Exquisite Mary Cat Self-made Scrapbooking Decorative Sticker decoration /waterproof paper stickers

Approximate price: 2.09 USD

32pcs/bag diy Candy Ice Cream cute kawaii stationery sticker pvc Vintage stickers for phone planner decor school supply kid gift

Approximate price: 0.98 USD

31pcs Gothic Girl sticker Planner Scrapbooking DIY handbookDry Glue Sticker

Approximate price: 1.93 USD

6 Sheets Paper Sticker On The Creative Decoration Of The Household Dessert Items Daily DIY Cute Kawaii Gifts For Kids

Approximate price: 0.71 USD

Marvel Comics Company Logo Graffiti Stationery Sticker for Kid Toy DIY Skateboard Laptop Luggage Phone Notebook Stickers[Single]

Approximate price: 0.50 USD

46 pcs /Pack Plants Flowers Mini Adhesive Stickers DIY Scrapbooking Stick Label Stationery Decoration Stickers

Approximate price: 0.89 USD

40Pcs Waterproof Chalkboard Label Sticker Home Kitchen Jars Bottle Tags Blackboard Stickers Office School Supplies Chalkboard

Approximate price: 1.61 USD

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The warranty period is indicated in the warranty card of the goods. In case of defects in the goods during operation during the warranty period, the Customer should carefully read the instructions for use of the goods to determine whether all operating requirements are met correctly. If the operating requirements were met correctly, the Customer can contact the service department, addresses and phone numbers indicated in the warranty card for warranty service. The service service examines the identified deficiencies, determines the nature of the defect - factory defects or the result of improper operation. After the examination, a defective product is subject to warranty repair. If repair is not possible, then upon presentation of an expert opinion, the Seller shall exchange goods with a factory defect for goods of good quality. Free repair during the warranty period is carried out only with a warranty card!

1. The consumer, if defects are found in the product, if they have not been agreed upon by the seller, have the right to choose:
-require replacement for goods of the same brand (of the same model and (or) article);
-require replacement for the same product of another brand (model, article) with the corresponding recalculation of the purchase price;
-require a commensurate reduction in the purchase price;
- demand immediate immediate gratuitous elimination of defects in the goods or reimbursement of expenses for their correction by the consumer or a third party;
- refuse to fulfill the contract of sale and demand the return of the amount paid for the goods. At the request of the seller and at his expense, the consumer must return the goods with defects.
Moreover, the consumer is entitled to demand full compensation for losses incurred as a result of the sale of goods of inadequate quality. Losses shall be reimbursed within the time period established by this Law in order to satisfy the relevant requirements of the consumer.
In the case of a technically complex product, in case of defects in it, the consumer has the right to refuse to fulfill the contract of sale and demand a refund of the amount paid for such a product or present a demand for its replacement with a product of the same brand (model, article) or another product marks (models, article) with the corresponding recalculation of the purchase price within fifteen days from the date of transfer of such goods to the consumer. After this period, these requirements shall be satisfied in one of the following cases:
- detection of a significant shortage of goods;
- violation of the deadlines established by this Law for eliminating defects in goods;
- the inability to use the product during each year of the warranty period in the aggregate of more than thirty days due to the repeated elimination of its various defects.
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