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10pcs 4R 3W 30MM Round Speaker Thickness 5.8MM Complex Film Bass Loudspeaker For High-end Toys E-book

Approximate price: 9.74 USD

30~100Pieces/lot 1W 39ohm 1% Radial DIP Metal Film Axial Resistors 39 ohm 1W

Approximate price: 0.71 USD

10PCS 400V474J CBB 0.47UF Pitch 15mm 470NF 400V 474 474J CBB Polypropylene Film Capacitor

Approximate price: 0.96 USD

5pcs/lot WH148 Linear Potentiometer 15mm Shaft With Nuts And Washers 3pin WH148 B1K B2K B5K B10K B20K B50K B100K B250K

Approximate price: 0.83 USD

0.24" Dia Black Aluminum Rotary Control Potentiometer Knob 20mm x 16mm LW Potentiometer Knob

Approximate price: 1.07 USD

620pcs Capacitor Assorted kit 31values*20pcs 0805 SMD Capacitors 1PF ~ 1UF

Approximate price: 3.67 USD

50pcs CBB Metallized Polyester Film Capacitors Assortment Kit 0.022UF-3.3UF 400V 10ValuesX5PCS CBB22 Polypropylene Capacitor

Approximate price: 5.03 USD

2PCS WXD3-12 10K 103 ohm Precision multi turn potentiometer Adjustable resistance

Approximate price: 2.40 USD

5PCS/LOT 8pin RV097NS dual potentiometer B50K with switch audio / power amplifier / sealing potentiometer

Approximate price: 1.64 USD

MCIGICM 15 Value 270 pcs Electrolytic Capacitors Assortment Box Easy Use Aluminum electrolytic capacitor assortment kit set pack

Approximate price: 13.97 USD

MCIGICM 20pcs 10D471K 470V piezoresistor,10d471

Approximate price: 1.80 USD

22PF 50V ceramic capacitors (1000PCS/LOT)

Approximate price: 2.34 USD

0402 100NF 104K X7R 50V SMD capacitors / 0402 50V Multilayer chip ceram capacitor 500pcs/lot

Approximate price: 3.23 USD

10PCS 4/4.096/4.433/4.9152/5/6/7.2/7.3728/8/8.192/10/10.245/11.0592mhz/12/13.56/14.7456/15.000/MHZ/M Passive Crystal Oscillator

Approximate price: 0.94 USD

50PCS Alloy resistance 2512 SMD Resistor Samples kit ,10 kindsX5pcs=50pcs R001 R002 R005 R008 R010 R015 R020 R025 R050 R100

Approximate price: 2.43 USD

100pcs 3W Metal film resistor 1% 1R ~ 1M 1 2 10 22 47 100 330 ohm 1K 4.7K 10K 22K 47K 100K 330K 470K 2R 10R 22R 47R 100R 330R

Approximate price: 4.99 USD

3PCS 10KV 2200PF 222 High Voltage Ceramic Capacitor

Approximate price: 0.90 USD

10pcs B 3528 100uF 6.3V 107 SMD Tantalum Capacitor Free shipping

Approximate price: 1.26 USD

50pcs 3296W 3296 50 100 200 500 ohm 1K 2K 5K 10K 20K 50K 100K 200K 500K 1M ohm 103 100R 200R 500R Trimpot Trimmer Potentiometer

Approximate price: 4.66 USD

10pcs 4.7uF 400V JAPAN TK UTWHS Series 8x12mm 400V4.7uF Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitors

Approximate price: 1.34 USD

50PCS 2512 SMD Resistor 1W 1% 100R 100 ohm 100ohm 1000 free shipping

Approximate price: 1.67 USD

20PCS 2KV 121 100PF 101/120PF 121/220PF 221/330PF 331/22PF 220/2KV151 15PF 150/ 2000V capacitance high voltage ceramic capacitor

Approximate price: 0.86 USD

50PC Monolithic Capacitor 101 102 103 104 220 330 50V 100PF 1NF 10NF 0.1UF 22P 33P 100nf momo PF/NF 22PF 33PF 2.54mm Multilayer

Approximate price: 0.94 USD

6pin RK097N dual potentiometer B5K B10K B20K B50K B100K with switch audio / power amplifier / sealing potentiometer 15mm Shaft

Approximate price: 1.75 USD

5pcs 10K OHM 3 Terminal Linear Taper Rotary Volume B Type Potentiometer Pot New Arrival High Quality New Electric Tool Tools

Approximate price: 1.93 USD

0805 SMD Resistor Sample Book 170values*25pcs=4250pcs 1% 0ohm to 10M Chip Resistor Assorted Kit

Approximate price: 19.79 USD

50pcs/lot sop8 turn dip8 seat SMD turn DIP op amp seat test socket converter board seat vssop8 sc70 conversion

Approximate price: 6.82 USD

100pcs 47 ohm 1/4W 47R Metal Film Resistor 47ohm 0.25W 1% ROHS

Approximate price: 0.78 USD

MB-102 Solderless Prototype Breadboard MB102 DIY Develop Test PCB pitch:2.54MM 830 Tie Point ProtoBoard

Approximate price: 2.41 USD

5PCS/Lot B10K 10KΩ Ohm 3 Pin Single Linear Rotary Potentiometer 15mm Knurled Shaft 6mm Dia. Potentiometer with Knob for Arduino

Approximate price: 1.82 USD

330pF 1KV 50pcs High voltage Ceramic Capacitor Assorted kit Assortment Set 331K 1KV

Approximate price: 0.97 USD

10PCS 50V1000UF 13*25mm 1000UF 50V 13*25 Aluminum electrolytic capacitor

Approximate price: 1.64 USD

10pcs 220uF 35V NIPPON Chemi-Con NCC KMG Series 8x11.5mm 35V220uF Aluminum Electrolytic Capacitor

Approximate price: 0.89 USD

6Value*20pcs GL5506 GL5516 GL5528 GL5537 GL5539 GL5549 5506 5516 5528 5537 5539 Photo Light Sensitive Resistor Photoresistor Kit

Approximate price: 1.92 USD

Metal Film Resistor 1/2W 1% Colored Ring Resistor 1kohm 1K One Resistance (50pcs/lot)

Approximate price: 1.11 USD

2019 hot sale 10pcs/30pcs hot sale ELNA audio for capacitance 16V3300UF 10X30 PRONEER black gold RW2 free shipping

Approximate price: 6.09 USD

10pcs BPR56 5W 0.1 0.15 0.22 0.25 0.33 0.5 ohm Non-inductive Ceramic Cement Resistor 0.1R 0.15R 0.22R 0.25R 0.33R 0.5R

Approximate price: 1.42 USD

200pcs 0805 Ceramic capacitor 10P 20P 22P 33P 47P 100P 220P 330P 470P 1NF 50V 10/20/22/33/47/100/220/330/470/PF 102/K/M/Z 1000PF

Approximate price: 1.71 USD

(1pf-100nf) 1000pcs 50value 50V Ceramic Capacitor Assorted kit Assortment Set

Approximate price: 8.78 USD

High quality 50 pcs 1000uF 25V 25V 1000UF Electrolytic capacitor 10 * 17 mm IC c1 ...

Approximate price: 3.26 USD

20PF-105(1UF) 50V 18ValuesX10pcs=180pcs Mono Monolithic Capacitors ,Monolithic Ceramic Capacitor Assortment Kit

Approximate price: 2.20 USD

Aluminum electrolytic capacitor 16V 2200UF 10PCS

Approximate price: 1.17 USD

36Value * 20pcs =720pcs 1206 SMD Resistor Kit 1/4W 0.25W 5% 1 ohm~10 Mohm component diy kit new and original hjxrhgal

Approximate price: 4.52 USD

100pcs 220PF X7R Error 50V 0603 221 220P SMD Thick Film Chip Multilayer Ceramic Capacitor Hot Products

Approximate price: 0.86 USD

1pcs 3590s-2-103l 1K 2K 5K 10k 20K 50K 100K 100R 200R 500R precision multi- turn potentiometer quality adjustable resistor

Approximate price: 1.14 USD

5PCS 35V2200UF 16*25mm 2200UF 35V Aluminum electrolytic capacitor

Approximate price: 1.26 USD

KF2510 2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10 Pin 2.54mm Pitch Plastic Head Wire Cable Housing Female Pin Connectors Adaptor Resistor

Approximate price: 0.79 USD

10pcs 1600V 682 103 473 104 105 102 222 472 562 j 1.6KV 6.8NF 10NF 47NF 100NF 1UF 0.001UF 1NF 2.2NF 4.7NF 5.6NF CBB Capacitor

Approximate price: 1.43 USD

50pcs 1000uF 6.3V NICHICON PM Series 10x20mm 6.3V1000uF Super Low Impedance Long Life Aluminum Electrolytic capacitor

Approximate price: 8.99 USD

5PCS 3feet RK097N Single Potentiometer B 5K / 10K / 20K / 50K / 100K Audio / Power Displacement

Approximate price: 2.15 USD

RX24 50W 3R 3RJ Metal Aluminum Case High Power Resistor Golden Metal Shell Case Heatsink Resistance Resistor 3 ohm 50w

Approximate price: 1.20 USD

10sets=20pcs A03 dial knob WTH118 + MF-A03 bakelite knob with scale plate sheet scale digital potentiometer

Approximate price: 2.92 USD

50PCS 2512 1W 1% R500 0.5r

Approximate price: 1.78 USD

20 pcs 5MM Photoresistor Light Dependent Resistor LDR 5506 Photoelectric Photosensitive Photo Detector Resistance

Approximate price: 0.48 USD

10pcs RoHS Lead Free Metal Film Resistor 3W Watts 10 ohm 1% DIY Electronic KIT

Approximate price: 0.92 USD

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1. The consumer, if defects are found in the product, if they have not been agreed upon by the seller, have the right to choose:
-require replacement for goods of the same brand (of the same model and (or) article);
-require replacement for the same product of another brand (model, article) with the corresponding recalculation of the purchase price;
-require a commensurate reduction in the purchase price;
- demand immediate immediate gratuitous elimination of defects in the goods or reimbursement of expenses for their correction by the consumer or a third party;
- refuse to fulfill the contract of sale and demand the return of the amount paid for the goods. At the request of the seller and at his expense, the consumer must return the goods with defects.
Moreover, the consumer is entitled to demand full compensation for losses incurred as a result of the sale of goods of inadequate quality. Losses shall be reimbursed within the time period established by this Law in order to satisfy the relevant requirements of the consumer.
In the case of a technically complex product, in case of defects in it, the consumer has the right to refuse to fulfill the contract of sale and demand a refund of the amount paid for such a product or present a demand for its replacement with a product of the same brand (model, article) or another product marks (models, article) with the corresponding recalculation of the purchase price within fifteen days from the date of transfer of such goods to the consumer. After this period, these requirements shall be satisfied in one of the following cases:
- detection of a significant shortage of goods;
- violation of the deadlines established by this Law for eliminating defects in goods;
- the inability to use the product during each year of the warranty period in the aggregate of more than thirty days due to the repeated elimination of its various defects.
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